Broker Tips of the Month

For the Seller:

  • Obtaining a market valuation or appraisal assures that sellers receive a fair value and buyers aren’t overpaying.  Unrealistic expectations from a seller can lead to a practice lingering on the market for a long time.  The best deal is where both sides feel that the other side got a better deal.
  • Using a broker or intermediary helps separate the emotion and insures a successful sale.
  • Being greeted by a well dressed, neat and polite staff leaves a memorable first impression.

For the Buyer:

  •  Get prequalified first and understand your personal expenses before looking.
  • Treat your visit to the clinic as if it were your first date: dress neatly, be respectful, avoid speaking to the staff, be discrete and take notes.
  • Total Practice Solutions Group offers numerous financing options.

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