Are You Waiting Too Long to Sell Your Practice?

Is your veterinary practice no longer meeting your needs? Are you waiting for the right time to sell your practice? If so, waiting too long to list your office on the market could be costly.

Real estate markets frequently rise and fall. Prices could drop next month or next year. Your property could languish in a market that offers dwindling prospects.

Veterinarians sell their practices for many reasons. Ask yourself why you decided to sell your practice. Is your reason likely to become more pressing over time?

Don’t let indecision or worries about the future keep you from getting the ideal price. Sell your practice on your terms for the price you want.

Getting the Best Value for Your Veterinary Practice

At the Total Practice Solutions Group, we know how to appraise and get you the best value for your veterinary practice. We understand the prevailing market trends and the features that bring in buyers. Get your confidential market valuation from our website today.

Avoiding a Buyer’s Market

The current market has many advantages for sellers. However, the market forces that push up prices and push down inventory won’t last forever. As more veterinarians take the opportunity to cash out their practices, buyers will likely become pickier.

Nobody can predict the markets with certainty. However, you might have to choose between a quick sale today or a drawn-out sale a year from now. Selling now and avoiding a buyer’s market could leave you in a position to buy a new practice or a retirement property later.

Avoid Being Forced into a Fire Sale

Are you considering putting your business up for sale for any of these reasons?

  • The local community is no longer a good fit for your business
  • High overhead makes it impossible to keep your practice afloat
  • Family obligations push you to relocate
  • You want to retire

If you answered yes to any of these, timing is crucial. Don’t wait for your business to become a drag on your finances or personal life, resulting in a fire sale where you accept a low offer. It is vital to avoid being forced into a fire sale when selling your practice to maximize profits.

Selling your Veterinary Practice at Its Highest Performance

Buyers want thriving practices with clients waiting for them from the day they open their doors. Selling your veterinary practice at its highest performance is crucial. We can help you avoid pitfalls that hurt the value of your veterinary office.

How Do I Know When to Sell My Practice?

You understand your practice better than anyone. At the Total Practice Solutions Group, we know that the perfect time to sell depends on your individual circumstances. We discuss every aspect of running a veterinary practice with our clients before making a recommendation.

Your Path to the Perfect Sale Starts with Total Practice Solutions Group

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I know when to sell my practice?” contact our team.

Sell your practice for all it’s worth – Total Practice Solutions Group is ready to give you every advantage as you start the next chapter in your personal or professional life. Call 1-844-908-2967 or use our online form to set up a consultation today.

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