Broker Tip – Rising Interest Rates

As the market shifts to higher interest rates in all aspects of purchasing, be aware of how it affects you as buyer. Specifically when purchasing a veterinary clinic; there are many factors to consider. Traditionally interest rates have been favorable to veterinarians looking to purchase a clinic. However, these rates are also increasing. One way to avoid the interest is to save for the down payment on your clinic. The difference can be substantial, to show this, here are two examples using a $1,000,0000 sale price with 4% interest and a down payment of 10% versus 20%:

Fortunately, the brokers at TPSG are here to help. It is important to have a valuation and full feasibility study done before purchasing a clinic. We have the experience and expertise to negotiate and find the best financial partner to put you in the best position to succeed.

If you are looking for more information on different loan scenarios, check out our loan calculator.

Tip by Dr. Karl Salzsieder and Mr. Tyler Phillips.

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