How To Market a Veterinary Practice

Standard marketing guides don’t tell you everything you need to know about how to market a veterinary practice. Veterinarians need industry-specific guidance and marketing strategies tailored to the challenges of growing a healthy veterinary practice. 

Total Practice Solutions Group is a team of veterinary brokers that are industry experts. When you or your team are ready to begin selling your veterinary practice, marketing the sale can seem like a daunting task. At Total Practice Solutions Group, we work with you from start to finish through the sale of your practice. We assist you in formulating a custom marketing plan that makes you stand out from the competition.

Why You Need a Marketable Veterinary Practice

The reputation your practice holds in your community is not only vital for obtaining new clients – but it also plays a crucial role in the sale of your veterinary practice. The established brand, public image, and community recognition of a practice help show potential buyers that their investment is worthwhile. 

What Makes a Successful Veterinary Practice?

If you struggle to find clients, you might wonder, “Is owning a vet clinic profitable?” The answer is “yes!”

A well-marketed veterinary practice is a valuable veterinary practice. The more time and effort you invest in developing a successful marketing strategy, the more your practice will be worth when you are ready to sell. 

As you craft a marketing campaign, keep these qualities in mind to maximize your marketing dollars and create a profitable practice that attracts buyers:


Pet owners want convenience when it comes to vet visits. Target your marketing efforts to neighborhoods a short drive from your veterinary clinic. 

Diversity of Services

Veterinary clinics serve the needs of many types of pet owners, from dog and cat lovers to owners of exotic pets. Understand which pet owners you serve and make them your target audience.

The Bond Between Pets and Owners

Respect and draw upon the emotional connection between pets and their owners.

Applying the Fundamentals of Marketing to Veterinarians

Develop a marketing strategy that uses time-tested principles to reflect the core strengths of your practice.

Develop Unique Selling Points

Does your practice specialize in particular animals, anxious pets, routine care, or complex cases? Let your target audience know.

Boost Your Practice’s Visibility

Use search engine optimization to boost your visibility.

Understand Your Clients and Community

Do market research to find out what pets and services are popular in your neighborhood. Be a resource for pet owners in your area.

Provide Helpful Content on Your Website

Write a blog with pet care tips, product reviews, and public service announcements.

Reach Out on Social Media

Veterinary social media marketing is a subtle art but necessary in today’s world. Nurture long-term relationships rather than focusing on your sales pitch.

Encourage Your Satisfied Clients to Participate

Contests, testimonials, and Q&A sessions let you engage with your clients. Respond to negative reviews to show you value your clients’ feedback.

Discover More Marketing Ideas for Veterinary Clinics from Total Practice Solutions Group

At Total Practice Solutions Group, we sell and appraise veterinary practices. The truth is that marketing your vet practice is the best way to stay profitable and increase bids from buyers when you’re ready to sell. 

We know how to apply innovative marketing, mass media, and social media ideas for veterinary practices. If you’re ready to sell your veterinary practice and need help marketing the sale, call 1-844-908-2967 today!

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