Why Use A Professional Practice Broker

Total Practice Solutions Group brokers bring the buyers and sellers of veterinary practices together. This sounds like an easy task to accomplish, but the complex nature of a business sale can become very overwhelming. The skills of valuation, marketing, negotiation, and closing are of utmost importance in today’s marketplace. More practice owners nationally choose to use a broker rather than sell their practice themselves. Ask yourself if you are comfortable and competent to accomplish this task without a TPSG broker to help navigate the sales process. Also, the time required to speak to prospective buyers, properly package the practice, and present it to purchasers will take you away from valuable time of running your practice. Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, a TPSG broker will ask lots of questions. If you’re selling, this means the broker is compiling information and data to most accurately represent the practice and how to position the marketing plan to a buyer. If you’re buying, it means the broker is trying to determine your exact needs and criteria to be able to place you in a practice that meets all your expectations.

10 Reasons Why You NEED A Professional Practice Broker:
  • Expertise in the veterinary industry: A professional practice broker has extensive knowledge of the veterinary industry, including current market trends and buying/selling practices.
  • Networking and connections: Brokers have a large network of connections, which can help you find the right buyer or seller for your practice.
  • Confidentiality: A professional broker can ensure confidentiality and privacy during the buying or selling process.
  • Negotiations: Brokers are skilled negotiators and can help you get the best deal for your practice.
  • Handling paperwork: Brokers are familiar with the legal and regulatory requirements involved in buying or selling a veterinary practice and can handle all the necessary paperwork.
  • Time-saving: Hiring a broker can save you time and effort, as they handle all aspects of the buying or selling process.
  • Valuation: Brokers can provide an accurate valuation of your veterinary practice, helping you set a fair price.
  • Marketing: Brokers can market your practice to a wide range of potential buyers or sellers, increasing your chances of a successful transaction.
  • Compliance: Brokers can help ensure that all transactions comply with federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Experience: Brokers have years of experience in the buying and selling of veterinary practices, giving them a wealth of knowledge and insight into the process.

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