6 Benefits to Becoming a Practice Owner

When you’re an associate at a veterinary practice, there are a lot of opportunities and

privileges you’re missing out on. Through ownership, you can gain greater freedom

when it comes to your work and life.

How so? Here are 6 benefits to becoming a practice owner that can improve your

patient care and life outside the office:

1. Autonomy on Patient Treatment and Medical Decisions Guaranteed

When you work for someone else’s practice, you don’t always get the final word when it

comes to your patient’s care.

Through ownership, you don’t have to engage third parties in the office to do what’s

best for pets and their owners.

2. Control of Drugs and Products Used In Practice

You no doubt have your preferences and peeves when it comes to products and

medications you can recommend or prescribe for your patients.

When you own your practice, it’s your choice what you offer and sometimes more

importantly, is what you don’t.

3. Greater Control of Work Schedule

You’re at a stage in your career where you know how, and when, you work best.

Veterinarians are able to offer their best care when they are taken care of. Owning your

practice enables you to set a schedule that works for you so you can do your best work.

4. Input in Hiring Office Staff

Just as important as when you work is who you work with. Associate practitioners don’t

typically get a say in who the practice hires to work the office and deal with patients.

Through practice ownership, you can make sure that you’re hiring the right people for

your office.

5. Input on Acquiring Necessary New Equipment

Offering the best in patient care often requires you to stay up to date with the latest

innovations in technology and office equipment.

When you run your own practice, you’re able to prioritize which equipment you acquire

so that you don’t fall behind the curve in offering high quality care.

6. Ability to Take Time Off as You See Fit

As an associate, your work-life balance is too dependent on the decisions of your


When you become an owner, you gain a whole new level of freedom that allows you to

adventure somewhere fun or get some rest and relaxation when you want it.

Want to learn more about becoming an owner?

Dr. Richard Alker from our team sat down with Kurt George and Mike Estes of TD Bank to

explore these benefits and opportunities for veterinarians like you to become an owner.

You can watch their discussion on YouTube here: The “Why” of Buying Your Own Veterinary



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