What To Look For In A Veterinarian Broker

With more options than ever for veterinarian brokers, it can be daunting to find the right
fit for you. First-time buyers and sellers can be especially vulnerable to flashy promises
with no results.

In this blog, we outline five essential traits to look for in brokers and agents that
distinguish the best from the rest.

1. The Right Experience

A long history as a broker or agent doesn’t necessarily translate to great experience.
When talking to different brokers, you want to look for someone who not only
understands the real estate market, but the specific challenges that veterinarians face
and how to properly assess an office for earning potential and benefits that might not be
obvious to someone unfamiliar with the field.

2. Knowledge of Local Markets

Are you talking to a broker with national listings? If so, make sure they have specialists
for different states and regions.

There are important insights that only a local specialist will bring to the table, such as
accessibility for regional clients or the most efficient means of marketing to local pet

3. Communication Style

This can mean a lot of things. What channels they communicate through. How they
listen. Their negotiating ability.

The most important principle for their communication is their ability to understand your
concerns, meet your expectations, and make sure you feel confident in the process.

If you’re at a loss, that could be a red flag.

4. Patience

If you’re talking to a broker and it feels like they can’t be bothered to give you the time of
day, we suggest you find a new one. Purchasing or selling a practice is a serious
decision and it only makes sense that you have questions. Make sure you choose a
broker who is excited to work with you to find the best deal possible.

5. Connections Within The Industry

Between fellow veterinarians and other peers, you want someone with a solid reputation
who has built bridges in their community and profession that can open up opportunities
that your average broker won’t have access to.

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