The Top 4 Concerns Veterinarians Have When Looking To Sell (And 1 Easy Way to Deal With Them)

We’ve handled thousands of transactions for our clients. In our history guiding veterinarians through the process, we’ve heard four consistent concerns from them that caused stress and, in some cases, made them put off selling or buying.
In this blog, we’re looking at these top four concerns and the solution we provided to help reduce stress and make the sale a smooth one.


“How long will the process take?”
“Should I wait for a better offer?”
“Is now the right time to sell?”

Whether the client was looking to close in the near future or just weighing options, we’ve routinely heard their concerns for the timing of the sale and how long it can take to find the right offer.
Veterinary acquisitions have a rhythm to them. Without the experience of regional markets and industry trends, it can be hard to predict how much time you will have to invest into securing the best deal.

2. The Negotiation

Once you’re at the stage where you have found your prospective buyer or seller, the negotiation process can be a complicated one to navigate. We’ve seen people acting without a broker miss key details like outstanding service contracts the seller has, leading to heavy expenses down the road.
Every sale is different, but there are some common red flags you can identify when working with someone experienced in veterinary acquisitions.

3. Their Reach

Your opportunity to find the best deal reaches as far as your network does. When veterinarians look to buy or sell a practice, they often deal with this nagging sense of the elusive “best” offer.

It’s hard for them to gauge the offers they receive as they often wonder what some marketing and connections outside their peers could bring them.

4. The Unknown Process

We’ve heard from veterinarians and other first time buyers and sellers who went through with their transaction without a broker or experienced representative. They consistently were surprised and overwhelmed by the minutiae of the process.
There are a lot of steps along the way, some obvious, and others not so much. Trying to navigate the best deal for yourself while dealing with surprises can cause a lot of additional stress and expense.

One Call Can Be 4 Less Things To Worry About

The running theme for all four problems is a lack of experience with the process.
By using an experienced broker or agent to assist with your transaction, you save yourself time, money, and stress.
Our eight teams of brokers have over one hundred years of combined experience with regional expertise and a well earned reputation with lenders to help buyers and sellers secure favorable financing.

Thinking of selling or buying?
Someone from our team will reach out to you. One phone call can show you how easy the process can be when you have a team working in your best interest.


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