David D. Davenport, DVM

David D. Davenport, DVM, a founding member of TPSG, brings a vast amount of business acumen to the Total Practice Solutions Group. Dr. Davenport has founded partnered, operated, and sold nine different veterinary practices and hospitals in his years of business.

As a 1966 graduate of the University of Missouri, School of Veterinary Medicine, Davenport began his first working partnership in June with Dr. W.H. Worley at Summit Park Animal Hospital. In February Dr. Davenport laid the groundwork for another successful practice at Crest Animal Hospital in a small 1,500 square foot building. In April of 1972, the business had grown to justify a new building that was double the size. Crest Animal Hospital was sold in July 1975. Concurrently, Dr. Davenport had started Blue Parkway Animal Hospital in 1969 and sold that practice a year later. From 1975 to current, he founded, operated, purchased and sold several other veterinary practices.

Dr. Davenport has proven his business prowess, not only in the veterinary profession, but in many other business arenas as well. In 1984, he started Interstate Agri-Services which managed farm ground in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Colorado.

In 1987, they reached a peak of 52,000 acres of owned and managed ground, selling most of the ground by 1989.

His other business ventures include a start-up company that placed cell block phones in jails. In 1993, he and his partner had this system in 50 plus jails, later selling that company to a competitor for $1.7 million. In 1993, Dr. Davenport engineered a mail business selling life insurance policies in forty-eight states. Initially targeted to attorneys, the business was called American Attorney’s Insurance Services and was purchased by his partner in 2002. Dr. Davenport currently owns the Reliant Group, Inc., founded in 2000.

Dr. Davenport lives in Peculiar, Missouri, on a farm that he purchased in 1976, where he owns a 200 cow/calf operation. He also has additional farms that he owns and on which he operates various farming ventures.

It is clear that Dr. Davenport brings a plethora of business knowledge, expertise, and the ability to envision success. Through his experiences of buying, growing, and eventually selling veterinary practices, Dr. Davenport has gained years of insight into determining the true market value of a practice. Through these personal experiences, Dr. Davenport is able to assist you in considering a solid practice that will meet your future financial obligations and provide for your own success.

Like his partners, Dr. Davenport offers TPSG clients many years of tried-and-true experiences for success. He is a forward thinking; savvy businessman who understands the fine line between what makes a veterinary hospital a successful practice and one that fails.

David D Davenport
Office Address:

19603 S Harrelson Drive
Belton, MO 64012

Phone:(816) 331-9449
Cell:(816) 804-2861
Fax:(678) 827-0597
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