Tyler Phillips

Tyler Phillips is a graduate of The Ohio State University. His career began in Construction Management where he has acquired knowledge and understanding of what it takes to complete projects in the multiple different segments of construction. Specifically, Tyler understands what factors are important in contract literature and how those items affect your business.

Tyler comes from a 4-H and livestock background. Having raised swine for 12 years and participating in many envoys with his uncle and grandfather who were both veterinarians, he understands and respects the variety of tasks and the aspects they include to be successful at veterinary medicine.

While young, Tyler has joined Total Practice Solutions Group with a solid foundation of mentors who look forward to the continued success of all clients with the group. Tyler brings a strong technical background to the group and is eager to take the next step to assist and give clients the best possible outcome in their journey.

In his free time, Tyler enjoys the outdoors. Golfing, fishing, and finding new recipes for his smoker.