How To Buy A Veterinary Practice

As a veterinarian, becoming a practice owner may be the most significant decision you make in your professional career.  It takes hard work and passion to reach the point where you may be able to buy your own practice.  However, buying a practice may come with new challenges you have not needed to consider until this point.

With the right planning and professional guidance, purchasing a veterinary practice can be a great way to expand or enhance a veterinary career. Buying an existing practice reduces initial startup costs, provides established tools and workflow, and offers both new and established veterinary professionals the chance to expand their scope. 

At Total Practice Solutions Group, we understand the many moving factors involved in veterinary practice marketing and sales. Our team offers extensive experience across multiple fields, including veterinary, business, law, and more, to ensure that every client gets the professional services they need. We provide enterprising veterinarians valuable resources for getting prepared to buy a veterinary practice or plan a vet partner buy-in. 

Considerations When Buying a Practice 

Running any scale of veterinary practice can be complicated. If you’re considering buying into a veterinary practice, you know that there’s much more to consider than just initial purchase costs. Important aspects to keep in mind when evaluating a veterinary practice purchase include:  

  •     Practice location
  •     The current state of practice facilities and properties
  •     Amenities or equipment included with practice purchase
  •     Community need for veterinary practice
  •     Potential long-term cash flow
  •     And more

Despite the many factors involved in the decision-making process, preparing to buy a veterinary practice doesn’t have to be stressful. Reach out to qualified practice sales professionals for the expert advice and market insight you need to make informed decisions about your professional future. 

Benefits of Purchasing a Veterinary Practice

If you’re considering opening or creating a veterinary practice, you know that you have options. While building your own practice from the ground up may seem attractive, these ventures often require extensive startup costs and networking. Alternatively, purchasing an existing practice can save on startup costs and provide a surprising number of additional benefits. 

Leverage an Existing Client Base

One of the primary benefits of purchasing an existing veterinary practice involves inheriting the practice’s existing customer pool. If the veterinary practice is well-established, this means that new practice owners can hit the ground running with establishing client relationships and sources of income. 

Benefit from Existing Property Maintenance

Building a new practice often means finding ideal real estate, planning, remodeling, or building. By purchasing an existing veterinary practice, buyers save money and receive property that is already designed to meet the needs of pet owners and veterinary clients. 

Expand Veterinary Practice Scope

Another great benefit of purchasing an existing veterinary practice is that it allows veterinary professionals an opportunity, if desired, to expand the scope of their practice. Companion and mixed veterinary practitioners can choose to expand into larger breeds and meet a broader range of client needs. 

Full-Service Buyer’s Assistance From Start to Finish 

Purchasing a veterinary practice is a serious step in a veterinary career. If you’re ready to establish or expand your veterinary practice, arm yourself with the knowledge and professional help to guarantee success from the very beginning. 

Total Practice Solutions Group is a team of dedicated legal, veterinary, and property professionals. We’re here to help our clients make informed investments in their professional futures. We offer our clients the information they need to learn how to buy a veterinary practice, including access to comprehensive veterinary practice buyer services such as a list of Veterinary Practices for Sale and more. 

We deal in multiple types of veterinary practices. Customers looking for a companion, mixed, or larger animal veterinary practice can enjoy the benefit of top-rated Veterinary Buyers Representation.

We’re solution-oriented for sellers as well as buyers. If you’re interested in selling a portion of your veterinary practice to an associate, corporate veterinary consolidators, or other entities, we have the resources you need for success. 

Don’t buy a veterinary practice without knowing the market. Reach out to Total Practice Solutions Group to see how we can streamline your veterinary practice purchase or sale. Call (844) 908-2967 to get started. 

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