Buyer’s Representation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATPSG brokers help buyers ask the right questions, obtain the right information, and help make the right decision when it comes to buying a practice.

When acquiring a veterinary practice, especially the first time, the decision process can feel enormous.

Demographics along with a marketing book concerning valuations, cash flow analysis, legal entities’ and tax allocation are but a few of the documents the buyer will need to review to come to the right conclusion.

Working with the buyer’s attorney, accountant, and lender, we protect the buyer’s interest. We advise our buyers not only on the valuation, but also on the overall structure of the practice sale. We also point our buyers in the right direction for key management elements. Helping our buyers obtain financing for acquisition when the decision to buy has been reached, is but a part of our buyer representation.

So by working with a TPSG broker, you will have an expert working with you and you will not have to go it alone.