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16 Steps to Maximize Your Practice Value

We believe that making a conscious decision regarding the timing of selling your practice is much more effective than the “waking up one day and thinking ‘I’ve got to sell my Practice right now’” approach. So let’s look at those things that will allow you to maximize your practice value, by planning ahead 3 years down the road.  Here is a checklist of items that are important to consider and accomplish 3, 2 and 1 years before putting your practice on the market.


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Selling Your Practice

By Dr. John Bryk Total Practice Solutions Group® (TPSG) are practice owners who understand the demands of veterinary medicine. We are part of a nationwide team providing not only brokerage services for sellers but also valuations and assistance with loans for buyers. Our network of attorneys, accountants, lenders, and insurance agents will help sellers and buyers in the transition process.


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Welcome to Practice Acquisition: What Should a Buyer Expect?

There is no doubt that today’s Veterinary Practice sales market has evolved into a world of complexities and a rapidly changing playing field. The simplicity of choosing a practice you want to buy, securing financing, and then closing the deal rarely exists in today’s market. The multiple options in financing, the influx of corporate consolidators, the array of lab/vendor agreements with practices and the inventory of available practices on the market have all created an environment that requires both patience and persistence by buyers.


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Broker Tip of the Month – July 2018

If you are in the market to buy a Veterinary Practice, it is important to understand that we have a very active market right now. Good practices sell fast. You should be prepared to move quickly on opportunities that fit your ideal practice. It is a good idea to stay in close contact with the TPSG Broker in the area you are looking, so that you might get 1st mover advantage on opportunities that are coming to market. Tip by Dr. Richard Alker


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Broker Tip of the Month – July 2017

It is important to remember the capitalization rate is at the discretion of the evaluator. Important factors that determine one’s rate are location, growth of revenue stream, ability to transfer goodwill and demographics. Lower capitalization rates indicate greater risk to the investor while higher rates are associated with less risk. Tip by Dr. Dave Davenport and Mr. Nick Elliston


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Broker Tip of the Month – June 2016

Profitable practices are well managed practices. The two big expenses you must manage successfully are COGS and staff expenses. Strive to have COGS at 20% of gross and staff expense at 18-22% of gross. A practice with these percent expenses will cash flow close to 40% of gross and will bring 80-90% of gross at buying viagra online time of sale.


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