Broker Tip – Real Estate/Facility Fair Market Value Rent

If practice transition or future veterinary practice sale is part of your short-term plans, and you own the real estate/facility, please update your rent value, even if your accountant is advising you to keep it different than market rates and what you would charge a buyer. Valuators must adjust practice rent to market rates, which

Broker Tip – Production Reporting Is Important

When considering selling your practice, tracking production is very important, even in a 1 DVM practice. Having at least three years of accurate production before listing your practice gives potential buyers confidence in considering your practice. Using your practice management software correctly and to its fullest potential can greatly increase the value of your practice.

Broker Tip – Why Do You Need A Valuation?

Why Do You Need A Valuation? A practice valuation determines Fair Market Value, the amount a buyer is willing to pay in the open market. A practice valuation determines Lending Value, which is the amount a bank is willing to lend a prospective buyer A practice valuation determines the marketability of the practice. Will the

What “Not to Do” When Selling Your Practice

We all teach and preach on all the items you should do to maximize your Practice Value when getting ready to sell your practice. Here are some things you should not do when it is time to sell.  Most veterinarians do not have the time and expertise to take a practice sale from start to

Broker Tip – Planning for Career Transition or Retirement

Doctors considering a career transition or retirement must plan 3-5 years ahead of time before selling their practice. This will allow time to make any required changes to increase profitability. If practice profitability is 12% EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) then the practice is a corporate target. The seller will be expected