From the beginning when I contacted Dr. Kurt Liljeberg a number of years ago for a ‘snapshot’ practice appraisal, to doing a full appraisal, to finding a qualified, ethical, reputable buyer, and guiding me through negotiations for a successful sale in December 2022, I reflect on the wise, accurate, and valuable advice he offered all along the way.

He took time to listen, to understand my practice, and to help me understand the valuation process. He was confident in asking pertinent questions and in helping me to see from the necessary perspectives. He offered wise counsel when things were stressful, and was able to find a buyer willing to continue my practice philosophy and take good care of my staff, and willing to pay a good and fair price for the years of hard work I spent building my veterinary business.

No doubt his past experience as owner of multiple successful veterinary practices adds profoundly to his abilities and qualifications. I am quite thankful to have found him and will be forever grateful for his help.

- Dr. Scott Nachbar

Scott G. Nachbar Veterinarian - Springville, NY

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