I am a practitioner in my seventies who has been blessed with a mature staff of doctors and technicians. Six of the licensed technicians have four decades of tenure in my practice.  The obvious upside for a potential buyer of inheriting a stable, mature, efficient team was somewhat offset by the higher than average wages, salaries, and benefits that such a seasoned staff commands today. In addition, I was very concerned for the welfare of my longterm staff and would only entertain offers from corporations with a long track record of maintaining staff positions and not disrupting the culture and community of our clinic.

Dr. Kurt Liljeberg of TPSG was undaunted by this challenge and worked his vast network of corporate contacts at veterinary conventions, on the phone, and the internet to present me with three quality offers for my practice. I had tried to sell the clinic myself unsuccessfully for twelve months. With his superb guidance and commitment I had those offers within three months.

- Dr. Tom Wiles

The Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic - Verona, PA

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