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The Owner established this single-doctor practice in 2005. This small animal practice is in a busy area in Brooklyn. This clinic provides compassionate care to the Brooklyn area. The 4000-square-foot building offers digital radiology, dental services, an in-house pharmacy, diagnostic services, DVM Manager Covetrus, an exam room, a treatment room, and a surgical room.

Although Brooklyn is the largest of New York’s five boroughs with 2.3 million residents, it comprises many areas that are far different from the hustle and bustle of New York City—abundant parks, walkable sidewalks, and even reasonable rents. Brooklyn’s landscape is as diverse as its population, with Brighten Beach, Coney Island, New York’s only aquarium, ethnic enclaves, nightclubs, hip art galleries and museums, and world-class shopping.

Families love Brooklyn because it provides plenty of parks for fresh air, sports, and exercise, and some even have free concerts and movies in the summer. Whether you are looking for iconic buildings, rich culture, quiet neighborhoods, charming brownstones, or proximity to fabulous restaurants, you can find it in Brooklyn.



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John Bryk

John Bryk, DVM

Office Address:

8205 Congress Road

Lodi, Ohio 44254

Cell:(330) 591-7669
William Crank

William Crank, DVM

Office Address:

6856 Kanawha Valley Road
Henderson, WV 25106

Cell:(304) 593-0530

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