Profitble Practice – DC Suburb [ MD-GCLB ]

Maryland sold

The current owner established this single-doctor practice in 1995 in Maryland. He chose the area for its busy location, middle to upper-class population, and proximity to nearby specialists. This small animal practice serves its clients in a 1685-square-foot building with two exam rooms, a D.R. x-ray, a therapeutic laser, DVManager software,  and a surgical and treatment room. This animal hospital has a friendly, dedicated staff, practices good quality medicine, has excellent diagnostic and preventative care, and has a positive social media presence due to loyal customers. Due to the owner limiting his surgical procedures for the past few years, dentistry and surgery have tremendous growth potential.


This city in Maryland is west of Baltimore and northwest of Washington, D.C. It is less than an hour’s drive to over a dozen colleges and universities and has one of the country’s most highly educated labor pools.

Residents get moving with indoor swim centers, outdoor pools, skate parks, and over 400 parks on over 34,000 acres. More than ten percent of the entire county’s land mass is parkland.

Owning this veterinary hospital is an opportunity to live and work in warm, welcoming neighborhoods in the heart of the Washington-Baltimore region.

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John Bryk

John Bryk, DVM

Office Address:

8205 Congress Road

Lodi, Ohio 44254

Cell:(330) 591-7669
William Crank

William Crank, DVM

Office Address:

6856 Kanawha Valley Road
Henderson, WV 25106

Cell:(304) 593-0530

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