SC Profitable in a Prosperous Area [ SCTCCV ]

South Carolina Under Contract

The current owner established this specialty cat practice in 2001, and it has been at its current location in central South Carolina since December 2018. In 2019, the practice grossed over $1M while the doctor only worked a thirty-five-hour work week. The doctor designed the 3765 square foot building to be efficient, calm, and feline-friendly. It has two exam rooms, a quiet place for euthanasia, a digital x-ray, central oxygen, a central vacuum, a boarding room with natural light, and a noise-free treatment room equipped with a hydraulic table and dental machine.

With easy access to three interstates, residents can easily and quickly get across town or the entire state. The area’s population is small enough that traffic is relatively mild, and streets are rarely overcrowded, but large enough to support trendy shops, cafes, bars, and other businesses that make urban life enjoyable.

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