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This practice has been successful as a solo practice for nearly 3 and a half decades. My staff has ranged from 2 to 6. All mixes of ages, backgrounds, and hours, from 8 to 40 a week. I’ve had success with all types of staff and in all financial climates.
I have had no trouble with environmental/weather issues. Location of practice on end of row of offices allows clients front and large side and backs yard access for their dogs with no foot traffic in these areas. Zero crime issues in nearby neighborhoods and never any issues in our center, which includes dentists, lawyers, restaurants, boutiques, etc.
Nice suburban community, with Philly about 35 minutes in one direction and farms/rural the other. Only half an hour from many famous sites in Lancaster County and Amish country.
I’ve known many families of multiple generations. A very stable clientele, with new clients always joining the practice as well. Practice itself sits in a nice old neighborhood, yet minutes from shopping, entertainment, and only few miles off the Pa. Turnpike. Many great school districts, public, private, and parochial. 4 high quality 24hr. ER/Specialty practices from 10 to 25 minutes. Our clients readily accept ER and specialty referrals.
I’ve made 626K gross despite a major discount program, and 4.5 days week: often 4 days, w/no overnight call or Sunday calls/hours. I’ve also done this without lasers, ultrasound, or much telemedicine. The limits and potential are still endless. Any professional could mold this in any way they desire, while having the instant turnkey income to start with.
I have kept this an old-fashioned type of practice, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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John Bryk

John Bryk, DVM

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8205 Congress Road

Lodi, Ohio 44254

Cell:(330) 591-7669
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