Improve the Marketability of Your Veterinary Practice

Establishing a thriving veterinary practice takes dedicated time and effort. However, all of the work you've put into growing a successful practice may go unnoticed if you don't establish a marketing plan when you're ready to sell. That is where our team of expert brokers with over 200+ combined years of experience owning our own practices comes in.  

When you or your team are ready to begin selling your veterinary practice, marketing the sale can seem like a daunting task. At Total Practice Solutions Group, we work with you from start to finish through the sale of your practice. We assist you in formulating a custom marketing plan that makes you stand out from the competition. This plan aids in helping our team of experts to sell your practice for top dollar.

Once one of our brokers determines an accurate listing value for your veterinary clinic, they begin to craft a marketing plan tailored specifically for you. Local and national publications, targeted direct mail, and personal correspondence are just some of the various tools used by TPSG brokers to provide the personalized, value-centered attention sellers desire and deserve.

The reputation your practice holds in your community is not only vital for obtaining new clients - it also plays a crucial role in the sale of your veterinary practice. The established brand, public image, and community recognition of a practice help show potential buyers that their investment is worthwhile. We create a practice marketing plan that showcases your values, principles, and goals. 

Whether you’re looking to sell to an industry professional or a corporate veterinary consolidation company, veterinary practice marketing from Total Practice Solutions Group can help you achieve your sales goal. 

To get started or request more information, call (844) 908-2967 today. 

Comprehensive Listing Strategies

We use a step-by-step process at Total Practice Solutions Group to ensure all practice sales attract desirable buyer attention. However, no solution is one-size-fits-all. We use adaptive tactics to ensure that all practices receive maximum market exposure. Our strategies include: 

  •     Local business and property listings
  •     National commercial property listings
  •     Advertising in private veterinary practice circles
  •     Representation at local and national commercial property fairs
  •     Esteemed corporate and corporate consolidation markets
  •     And more

Reach out to us today to see which marketing strategies might be ideal for your veterinary practice sale. At Total Practice Solutions Group, we make marketing your practice easy. 

How You Can Boost Your Marketability Before the Sale

If you’re considering a long-term practice sale plan, it helps to boost the marketability of your practice over time. Taking simple steps to engage and expand your client base, form new professional relationships, and establish corporate partnerships can help your practice become a valuable resource for potential buyers. By increasing the marketing value of your practice, you can potentially increase the sale value simultaneously. 

Some steps that you as a practice owner can take to showcase your practice's value and brand online are: 

  • Starting a Blog - Blogs hold creative potential and offer a hands-free way to engage and inform your customer base. When blog material is friendly, informative, and engaging, it generates an improved customer experience and boosts your practice’s reputation.
  • Feature Testimonials - Let your new clients and potential buyers know how your practice has impacted your community. Feature client testimonials and reviews front and center on your home page or as a clickable link in your menu.
  • Strong Social Media Engagement - Social media engagement is critical for any business’s marketability and long-term success in today’s digital world. To help make your veterinary practice more marketable, work to establish strong social media relationships in your community, online, and with your clients.

Guided Marketing Assistance

As a total veterinary practice marketing and sales group, we’re proud to offer all of our clients the benefit of start-to-finish service. We work with our clients from the beginning, providing our expert, multi-field guidance from opening value determinations to closing paperwork. 

 Don’t miss out on your best marketing opportunities. Call Total Practice Solutions Group at (844) 908-2967 to begin veterinary practice marketing today. 

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