Selling Your Veterinary Practice

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the next 10 years, an unprecedented number of veterinary practices will be available for sale, as baby boomers reach retirement age. If you are like most veterinarians, you are counting on the proceeds of the sale to finance a large portion of your retirement. 

Your practice is different than most other businesses in the fact that it can only be sold to a very limited number of candidates, namely, other veterinarians.  In this regard, your salability is limited.  Taking this limited market into account, cashing in on your veterinary practice can prove to be tedious, time consuming, difficult and even feel impossible.  This has made today’s marketplace the most difficult in history in terms of finding the right buyer for a practice. Selling a veterinary practice can be a challenging endeavor. So does this mean that all hope is lost?  Not at all, as TPSG has the expertise and experience to help match you with the right buyer.  We can achieve this goal sooner rather than later.

Practice Sales Process Explained

In order to accomplish this explanation objective we have listed in chronological order steps that are needed to be taken for this project to reach fruition.  We welcome you to call your local TPSG representative for a further explanation on how Total Practice Solutions Group can help bring the process to a successful completion.


We are retained by a sales contract that results in a commission ONLY if the sale of your practice is completed.  All advertising and sale expenses are the responsibility of TPSG.

Our services can not only result in a smooth and orderly transition from the seller to the new owner, sparing immense frustration, but in most cases a savings of thousands of dollars to both the seller and the buyer in the process. Remember, as former practicing veterinarians ourselves, we have been on your side of the table. We take a great deal of personal satisfaction in each transaction and consider it a privilege to be of service.

Allow us to put our proven track record and years of experience to work for you!

Contact TPSG for a confidential valuation of your veterinary practice.