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Total Practice Solutions Group (TPSG) and Bret Halishak were instrumental in providing us with the information we needed to make the decision of a lifetime. We were ready for a change in our lives, but we were not sure if or when to take the leap. An opportunity to explore a private sale presented itself, but we were not even sure of the accurate valuation of our practice from which to negotiate. TPSG provided a practice valuation and assisted in initial sale negotiations. Ultimately, TPSG was able to market our practice and negotiate, what I feel to be, a very respectable sale price and terms, including continued rental income of our real estate. The process was not always smooth, but Bret was always present and available at any time to listen and act on our every concern. We would highly recommend Total Practice Solutions Groups and Bret Halishak to anyone looking to explore their change of a lifetime.

Dr. Nathan and Laurie Barlow
Rockford Veterinary Clinic - Rockford, MN

I wanted to take a moment to extend my sincere appreciation for everything Dr. Kurt Liljeberg and Bret Halishak have done over the past 18 months to guide me through my practice sale. They made a very challenging and stressful event go much smoother than I think anyone else could have done. Having them behind me allowed me to persevere through the many challenges and bumps along the way. Their guidance and advice made a world of difference for me, and brought a successful ending for both parties. I will never forget the countless times they provided sage advice and patience in this long process. It was my pleasure to work with Dr. Kurt and Bret. I will highly recommend them both and TPSG to anyone who faces the daunting task of selling their practice.

Dr. Tom Buchanan
The Downtown Veterinarian - Indianapolis, IN


“I was always impressed with the knowledge and integrity of Dr. Kurt Liljeberg from Total Practice Solutions Group. I met him a few times and listened to his presentations in local and national settings and took his suggestions to prepare and manage the practice to be ready for sale at its peak performance. After three years I was ready to offer my practice to him to manage and represent me at the sale. His partner, Bret Halishak, took care of all documentation and preparations and was a very efficient liaison between me and Dr. Kurt. I had a stellar team of both brokers helping me and guiding me throughout the most important sale of my life, where I felt secure and assured that my wishes were understood and respected. I will be forever grateful to the Total Practice Solutions Group team for the successful transition and highly recommend both Dr. Kurt Liljeberg and Bret Halishak to handle your future practice venture. They will make it happen with ease and professionalism that is not common anymore even in business settings.”

Dr. Bogdan Klinkosz
Lakeland Animal Clinic - Euclid, OH

I am a practitioner in my seventies who has been blessed with a mature staff of doctors and technicians. Six of the licensed technicians have four decades of tenure in my practice.  The obvious upside for a potential buyer of inheriting a stable, mature, efficient team was somewhat offset by the higher than average wages, salaries, and benefits that such a seasoned staff commands today. In addition, I was very concerned for the welfare of my longterm staff and would only entertain offers from corporations with a long track record of maintaining staff positions and not disrupting the culture and community of our clinic.

Dr. Kurt Liljeberg of TPSG was undaunted by this challenge and worked his vast network of corporate contacts at veterinary conventions, on the phone, and the internet to present me with three quality offers for my practice. I had tried to sell the clinic myself unsuccessfully for twelve months. With his superb guidance and commitment I had those offers within three months.

Dr. Tom Wiles
The Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic - Verona, PA

From the beginning when I contacted Dr. Kurt Liljeberg a number of years ago for a 'snapshot' practice appraisal, to doing a full appraisal, to finding a qualified, ethical, reputable buyer, and guiding me through negotiations for a successful sale in December 2022, I reflect on the wise, accurate, and valuable advice he offered all along the way.

He took time to listen, to understand my practice, and to help me understand the valuation process. He was confident in asking pertinent questions and in helping me to see from the necessary perspectives. He offered wise counsel when things were stressful, and was able to find a buyer willing to continue my practice philosophy and take good care of my staff, and willing to pay a good and fair price for the years of hard work I spent building my veterinary business.

No doubt his past experience as owner of multiple successful veterinary practices adds profoundly to his abilities and qualifications. I am quite thankful to have found him and will be forever grateful for his help.

Dr. Scott Nachbar
Scott G. Nachbar Veterinarian - Springville, NY


Kurt was instrumental in accomplishing my practice sale. The buyer and I were very far apart on several issues when the discussions started and remained so for quite a while, but Kurt kept at it and eventually we were able to agree on enough of the issues that the sale went through. He was professional throughout the process and showed a lot of interest in what I wanted. I am sure this sale was frustrating for him at times and I would not hesitate to sell with him as a broker as his advice and efforts were extremely important.

Dr. Mike Martello
Steubenville Veterinary Hospital - Steubenville, OH

I want to thank Total Practice Solutions Group, and especially Dr. Kurt Liljeberg, for helping us complete a complex sale. Our practice is an eight veterinarian mixed animal practice with two locations. One of our main objectives was to maintain a great work environment for the staff. Dr. Liljeberg brought us companies that strive to emphasize all of the positive aspects of the practice, and offer support during the transition. He also helped us sort through all the complexities that are involved in the sale. I am highly pleased with their professionalism and efforts in finalizing the transaction.

Dr. Mark Beere
Kittanning Veterinary Hospital - Kittanning, PA & Veterinary Clinic of Indiana - Indiana, PA

We would like to thank you all very much for all the hard work you put into making this deal happen. We are grateful for all the support, patience, respect, expertise and more that you gave us through this process. Although we know everyone is really busy, you made us feel like we were first in line to get this done and we can't thank you enough for that. We truly don't know why anyone would consider selling their practice without a broker, let alone without a great team such as yours.

Dr. Scott Schini & Alice Walters
Maple Leaf Veterinary Care Center - Seattle, WA
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