Total Practice Solutions Group



Ohio: Dr. Keith D. Burgett – Carrollton, OH

In 2017, I contracted with Total Practice Solutions Group (TPSG) to market my veterinary practice. The sale went well. They found the buyer and worked with her and the banks for financing. It was a six-month process and TPSG resolved the minor glitches that occurred. They efficiently covered all aspects of the contract. I would highly recommend TPSG as a broker in selling a veterinary practice.

– Dr. Keith D. Burgett – Carrollton, OH

Michigan: Dr. Daniel J. Hokema – Grand Rapids, MI

Your guidance and advice was most appreciated and gave me the proper guidance, expectations and possible problems in the selling process. You were easily accessible by phone and email throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend any veterinarian to hire and work with Dr. Kurt when you consider the selling of your veterinary practice.

– Dr. Daniel J. Hokema – Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Diane L. Wagner – Texas

“Of all the business decisions, I have made in the last 30 years, choosing Total Practice Solutions Group to market my practice (with real estate) was the best I ever made.  Dr. Jones has owned and sold his own practice and hundreds of others.  His expertise and the ability to work with the buyer and the seller made our sale happen.  Thank You, Dr. Jones.”

– Diane Wagner, Texas

Wisconsin: Dr. Russell J. Demmon – Jackson, WI

I was very pleasantly surprised by the valuation process and TPSG put together a great presentation on the valuation such that I feel we were all very comfortable with the explanation of this process which also made final negotiation a very simple process. I feel that TPSG maximized my bottom line, but made the process easy and understandable and I would recommend their services to anyone considering sale of their veterinary practice.

– Dr. Russell J. Demmon – Jackson, WI

Wisconsin: Dr. Steven G. Beckett – Baraboo, WI

TPSG was a huge help to me during the process of selling my solo small animal practice. They established a fair value for the entire practice package. The final agreed on price was very close to this original figure. TPSG was instrumental in showing the prospective purchaser what the current cash flow was and how it could be maintained. They demonstrated that she would be able to afford the debt payments, projected expenses, and still pay herself a decent starting salary. This information was what it took to seal the deal.

– Dr. Steven G. Beckett – Baraboo, WI

Indiana: Dr. Dana Conner – Pendleton, IN

I sold my practice on March 1, 2017. It all went smoothly. TPSG found a buyer in less than 4 months. I was able to keep practicing veterinary medicine and let them do the marketing of the practice. They knew just where to advertise and handled all the glitches along the way. I highly recommend TPSG to anyone who is ready to sell their practice.

– Dr. Dana Conner – Pendleton, IN

Ohio: Dr. James Prueter – Shaker Heights, OH

My experience with TPSG was a very positive one. I found them to be thorough, efficient and expedient about the appraisal (pro forma, valuation and financials) regarding the sale of the my veterinary practice.

– Dr. James Prueter – Shaker Heights, OH

Wisconsin: Dr. Brenda Long – Burlington, WI

The materials used to market my practice were professionally done and I’m sure helped to attract the buyer.

– Dr. Brenda Long – Burlington, WI

Wisconsin: Dr. Albert E. Prudom – Clintonville, WI

Thank you for enabling me to sell my practice for a very fair price. Thanks for doing what you said you would from the appraisal to putting together the performance, to the advertising and assistance with negotiations with the buyer. I could not be more pleased or grateful for the job that you did.

– Dr. Albert E. Prudom – Clintonville, WI

New York: Dr. Keith A. Scudder – Painted Post, NY

Today I have sold my practice. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Liljeberg’s steadfast kindness, patience, and attention to detail. I highly recommend Dr. Kurt Liljeberg and Total Practice Solutions Group.

– Dr. Keith A. Scudder – Painted Post, NY

Wisconsin: Dr. Eric N. Hanson – Star Prairie, WI

The process of selling a veterinary practice can be mysterious and intimidating. Dr. Liljeberg’s objective approach was reassuring and calmed my nerves. His professionalism is second to none. I highly recommend Dr. Liljeberg when selling a veterinary practice.

– Dr. Eric N. Hanson – Star Prairie, WI

Wisconsin: Dr. Rodney V. Thieleke – Sheboygan, WI

Thank you so much with your help in valuing my business and in helping the sale go so smoothly. Please know your professional help in the sale was much appreciated.

– Dr. Rodney V. Thieleke – Sheboygan, WI


Wisconsin: Dr. Lyle E. Hansen – Fon du Lac, WI

I want to thank TPSG for a great, professional job of selling my practice. From start to finish you were superb. You were always available when there were questions and concerns throughout the total process. Selling a practice is a long journey and a guide like you made it happen.

– Dr. Lyle E. Hansen – Fon du Lac, WI


Pennsylvania: Dr. Roberta A. Kelleher – Darlington, PA

From the beginning of the process, Kurt helped us step-by-step. Whenever we had a question he was quick to respond. I would recommend Kurt to handle any veterinary clinic sale whether you are selling or buying.

– Dr. Roberta A. Kelleher – Darlington, PA


Wisconsin: Dr. Robert W. Pope – Mosinee, WI

I would recommend Kurt Liljeberg and his service highly and without hesitation. I would not have been able to navigate finding a buyer, establishing a fair market value, negotiating, financing, and all the details without his expertise. He outlined the important steps for me to follow immediately to keep the value of the practice maximized. Then he went to work to find a buyer. Not just any buyer, but the right buyer for my practice. Dr. Liljeberg’s persistence and contacts in the veterinary field as well as the banking world not only found the right buyer but made the sale possible.

– Dr. Robert Pope – Mosinee, WI

Michigan: Dr. Thomas P. Holbel – Bellaire, MI

I would like to thank TPSG for their assistance on the recent sale of my practice. Since the practice sold in less than 6 months, your valuation and marketing must have been very professional and thorough. Closing was stress free and non-eventful.

– Dr. Tom Holbel – Bellaire, MI

Michigan: Dr. Thomas J. Armstrong – Alma, MI

TPSG was our listing agent when we put our animal hospital up for sale and my experience with them in that capacity was outstanding! Their knowledge and experience in practice sales was crucial toward helping us as sellers navigate through these uncharted waters.

– Dr. Tom Armstrong – Alma, MI

Indiana: Dr. Ed O’Connor – Whiteland, IN

TPSG just sold my practice. They were very professional and did a thorough job. I am very happy and recommend using TPSG as your practice broker.
– Dr. Ed O’Connor – Whiteland, IN

Wisconsin: Dr. Marcy Armstrong – Star Prairie, WI

Prior to listing with Dr. Liljeberg, I had 2 other brokers who were not successful. I also attempted to sell the practice myself. His skill as a broker and a veterinarian brought credibility and viability to my sale. He not only found prospective buyers; he was able to aid me in showing the virtues and values of my practice, enhancing its assets and prospects.
– Dr. Marcy Armstrong – Star Prairie, WI

Wisconsin: Dr. Frederick J. Ruhl – Oak Creek, WI

Dr. Liljeberg truly made the process less complicated and helped us with our communication issues with the buyers and their attorney. His experience and integrity was quite evident to me.
– Dr. Frederick J. Ruhl – Oak Creek, WI

Minnesota: Dr. Bruce J. Bordelon – Mantorville, MN

I express my complete satisfaction with respect to the return on investment by hiring and individual as competent as Kurt. He has greatly earned his reputation of trustworthiness with me.
– Dr. Bruce J. Bordelon – Mantorville, MN

Ohio: Dr. Douglas E. Cunningham – Alliance, OH

Without reservation I would recommend Kurt Liljeberg of Total Practice Solutions to any veterinarian who is thinking about selling his or her veterinary practice. I don’t believe anyone could have been more thorough, professional or helpful throughout this process.
– Dr. Douglas E. Cunningham – Alliance, OH

Minnesota: Dr. Brian E. Toivola – Hibbing, MN

I cannot emphasize enough how valuable Dr. Liljeberg’s advice and expertise was throughout the entire practice sale. I would highly recommend Dr. Liljeberg of Total Practice Solutions Group for any type of veterinary practice evaluation and sale.
– Dr. Brian E. Toivola – Hibbing, MN

Pennsylvania: Dr. Thomas J. Hart – Pittsburgh, PA

Kurt walked me through the whole process, from beginning to end. He was always there if I had questions, to offer advice, and was able to set my mind at ease.
– Dr. Thomas J. Hart – Pittsburgh, PA

Michigan: Dr. Dennis R. White – Tecumseh, MI

Dr. Kurt did a diplomatic job of coordinating events to occur as smoothly as possible and relay concerns when needed for discussion and decision.
– Dr. Dennis R. White – Tecumseh, MI

Wisconsin: Dr. Michael C. Pritzl – St. Francis, WI

I heartily recommend Dr. Liljeberg and TPSG if you are considering selling your clinic now or in the future.
– Dr. Michael C. Pritzl – St. Francis, WI

Princeton, Illinois

Dr. Sikora provided us with a great and quick service. He sold the practice very quickly.
-Dr. Mark Maxwell

Oberlin, Ohio

Dr. Sikora had my practice sold rather quickly, from start to finish in 6 months. He made the process uneventful.
– Dr. James Cobb

Paul Young, DVM Houston Texas

“Len helped me so much through the entire process to get the best buyer, best price, and give me peace of mind that I was making the correct decision.”

– Paul Young, Houston TX

David Daniels, DVM Birmingham, AL

Len’s honesty and integrity create a comfort level for both the buyer and seller. I would highly recommend Len to broker in the buy/ sell of any practice.
David Daniels, DVM-Birmingham, AL

Dr. Robert Woodgeard, Ohio

I would recommend TPSG to anyone interested in selling or buying a veterinary practice.

– Dr. Robert Woodgeard, Ohio